Elk Audio OS

Distro Use this category to discuss the Elk Linux distribution in general, for example: Plugin Development This category is for discussing how to build plugins for Elk Audio OS and the available frameworks or wrappers. Sushi Discuss the Sushi headless DAW that forms the core of the ELK platforms plugin-hosting functionality. Sensei Discuss the use and improvement of the Sensei sensor interface software provided with the ELK platform.
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Elk Audio OS 0.11.0

Hello everyone, we haven’t published an official release in a while, but don’t worry: we’re keeping up the work on Elk, which we are using for our upcoming Elk LIVE bridge and for some projects with our customers. We t…

2 6 November 2021
Get started with the Elk Software Development Kit!

We have now made the ELK Development Kit available to access! Here is what you need to get started: Elk Development Kit Documentation We recommend that you start your journey there, reading the first three sections, b…

4 28 February 2020
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