Elk Audio OS

Sushi Discuss the Sushi headless DAW that forms the core of the ELK platforms plugin-hosting functionality. Sensei Discuss the use and improvement of the Sensei sensor interface software provided with the ELK platform.
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Get started with the Elk Software Development Kit!

We have now made the ELK Development Kit available to access! Here is what you need to get started: Elk Development Kit Documentation We recommend that you start your journey there, reading the first three sections, b…

2 6 December 2019
About the Elk Audio OS category 1 2 September 2019
Elk OS system image 4 6 December 2019
More info on the different licenses? 7 6 December 2019
TWINE utility library 1 6 December 2019
SUSHI codebase released 1 6 December 2019
SUSHI gRPC wrappers

The best way to control our audio host SUSHI is through its gRPC API. If you don’t have experience with gRPC, we created two client wrappers that you can use straight away for C++ and Python 3: This blog post gives…

2 6 December 2019
Cross platform Elk development? 2 1 December 2019
Writing our own device drivers 2 28 November 2019