Dexed FM Synthesizer - headless build for Elk

The Dexed synthesizer is ported for Elk!

We built it using our JUCE-fork for creating headless builds. The repository of the Dexed setup for building for Elk is available here.

Post here to discuss this particular plugin on Elk!

@Ilias as I decided to compile this one I found some changes were needed to get it to compile. Are you accepting pull requests?

Also I am wondering if Elk will update its fork of JUCE for JUCE 6 sometime soon?



Interesting you should say that since the branch we have published was used to compile the headless build we also distribute as a binary - I suspect dependency version variation might have caused issues?

In any case, yes, we are grateful for pull requests!

As for the Elk JUCE fork, the plan is to essentially deprecate our fork entirely, and use JUCE 6 with no modification, since it now should support headless builds natively. With that said, we have not completed the work necessary to ensure this fully works yet.

See also this thread relevant to the JUCE 6 topic.

Ilias of Elk

I think I see why - it was that dexed was built against your fork when JUCE was on 5.4.1, but your latest fork of JUCE was for 5.4.5, at which point these minor changes would be needed. Here is the patch!


That’s good to hear Elk will work with stock JUCE6, I am looking forward to this compatibility but can keep busy with your old fork in the meantime!

@Ilias Would you mind adding Dexed to the elk-plugins-pack repository as the bitbucket link is set to private, Thanks.


You are right, we moved all the repositories with plugins ported for Elk to the elk-community github, but did not update the link, I’ve edited the post now, thank you for pointing it out!

The binaries are available on our dexed repo for the Elk Audio OS, eventually we will add it to the elk-plugins-pack too for consistency.

Ilias of Elk