More info on the different licenses?

Hi, is there more info available on what the different options are (or will be) in terms of noncommercial and commercial licenses? I couldn’t find any as of yet on the site.

Hi @audionerd,
we will publish soon all the information and this will be discussed at our talk at ADC conference next week.

Right now I can only say that the open-source license will be of the copyleft type, i.e. a GPL variant, for the Elk components, and the original license for everything else included in the distro.

Ah I see, I look forward to seeing your ADC talk, in my case probably online. Thanks

Hi, I just saw the ADC presentation, very nice. I have a question though; it was said that “we recently announced that our code base will be entirely open source” - does this also include both the software- and/or hardware designs for systems other than based on the Raspberry Pi?

Thanks @audionerd

The open-source release currently covers only the Raspberry Pi 3 (and it will cover the 4 next year), at the moment the full system for the other architectures will stay closed apart from where we have to respect the terms of GPL e.g. in Kernel drivers. Also, it won’t be easy for us to produce boards for other architectures at a reasonable price.

Alright, understood, thank you.

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Today we started publishing open-source Elk repositories (TWINE, RASPA and SUSHI). You can check the SUSHI license files in its Github repository: