OS crashes after connecting midi keyboard with aconnect

Hey there!

I finally got around to playing around with my ELK board and I followed all the examples and got the synthesizer example to work together with midi (keyboard) and osc control to work and I thought it was really cool!

I am running ELK OS 0.6.1 with a raspberry pi 3 and a AKAI MPK mini 2 keyboard.

I then tried to run the guitar track example and ever since then the board started producing a lot of noise, even with the synth examples that should not have any inputs connected.

I then thought to reboot the board and ran “sudo reboot”

Ever since then, every time I start sushi and try to connect my midi keyboard via aconnect -l and aconnect 16 128, the entire OS seems to crash - actually it is slowed down extremely (like endless loop) and it is breaking my ssh pipe.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?


Hi @logsol,
and welcome here!

See this discussion:

Recap: due to issues on the weird USB subsystem on the Pi, it might very likely be that some MIDI devices behave badly when connected at USB speed 2.0, especially together with a computer keyboard at the same time.

The workaround that we provide is to set the USB at 1.1 speed, using:

sudo elk_system_utils --usb-speed 1

See also this page on the docs:

If you do so, you won’t be able to use a computer keyboard anymore, so make sure to setup a network connection (Ethernet / WiFi).

Luckily, another issue that is fixed on the Pi4 which has a “proper” USB, both 2.0 and 3.0…