400 plugins compiled for ELK already?

from the front page:

" there is already 400+ pre-built open-source plugins ready to run!"

where are these? it would be good to have an inventory

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That´s a thing I asked myself too.
I couldn´t find anything further.


Binaries for the 400+ plugins will be uploaded to our GitHub page in the coming weeks.

Part of those are the following:

  • OB-Xd Synthesizer
  • Dexed FM Synthesizer
  • Calf Studio Gear plugin collection
  • Lkjb plugin collection
  • Andes Perlin-Noise Synthesizer
  • Temper Distortion plugin
  • DPF Distrho plugin collection
  • AirWindows plugin collection

With that said, do note that we provide a development kit, not an end-user instrument. These binaries are provided by us as a convenience so that you can create instrument without also having to make your own plugins. But using them on the board as it stands is not a plug-and-play experience, but a task that still requires some development skills.
Exactly what steps are involved are conveyed in our documentation.

Ilias B.

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Wow that looks like a lot of work for someone, very nice of you to include so many.

I am actually equally interested in looking at the source code changes which were required to change a plugin like dexed or OB-xD into Elk’s required format broken into client and server parts.