ADC workshop hat?

In the ADC talk, there was a new hat, with audio and control breakouts, that appeared to be mounted on top of the Elk Pi hat (a hi-hat?). It was mentioned that this was developed for the ADC workshop session.

Are there plans to make that available for sale, in addition for the Elk Pi hat?

HI @jMahn,
we are preparing another Hat which is going to be better than the one used at the workshop, we’ll post an update when it is ready for orders.


Will that also be one that sits on top of the base Elk Pi hat?

Yes, it will work similarly to the one for the ADC workshop, just with more I/O channels exposed, different display and button / LED configs.

Super cool, more dev time saved again!

Do you know approximately when it will be released? Will it be on the same license as the Pi Hat?


Hi Mike!

While we cannot share the release date at the time of writing, it will definitely be soon. When it is available we will be announcing it on our newsletter/webpage.

The license will be the same as for the Elk Pi hat, yes!

Ilias Bergström

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Awesome news! Thanks Ilias.

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