Any plans for newer realtime kernel?

Hi Guys,

At first - I really like your project and amount work done! Just curious if you have a plans to further evolve ELK Audio OS and use newer realtime kernels instead Xenomai 3 ?

A bit ago, I’ve been able to port EVL project (aka Xenomai 4) to my hardware based on Amlogic SOC. Of course I had to write my own realtime audio driver for built-in SOC audio system, but an outcome was extremely great - very stable and absolute low latency - because there were no needs to have transfers over SPI or whatever.

At that point of time - I’ve found your project and ported sushi, twine and raspa - to new libevl approach offered by EVL project and that worked as charm.

Hi @OldNavi,
we are indeed working on it, got some results on other SOCs and we hopefully should have a version for the Pi4 before the end of the year.

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