Blackboard question

I just received my blackboard in the mail. I downloaded the blackboard examples but it is unclear to me from the readme page where I should copy the folders contained within the blackboard folder on my elk board. I imagine I have to run the shell scripts but do I have to copy all the folders over to a particular location or is there more to it?


/udata is a good place - it’s the folder where we specifically encourage the storage of user data. See also here in our documentation for more details.

Meanwhile this guide on our website will be useful to you for working with editing files directly on the board.

Ilias of Elk.

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So I copied the Blackboard folder to the udata folder and tried to execute the obxd sequencer shell script as follows:


But I get the following error(s)

Failed to load tracks from Json config file

Sorry, try again.
Version: luma.oled 3.3.0 (luma.core 1.12.0)
Display: ssd1306
Interface: i2c
Dimensions: 128 x 64

usage: main_app_without_elk_ui [-h] [–config CONFIG] [–display DISPLAY]
[–width WIDTH] [–height HEIGHT]
[–rotate ROTATION] [–interface INTERFACE]
[–i2c-port I2C_PORT]
[–i2c-address I2C_ADDRESS]
[–spi-port SPI_PORT] [–spi-device SPI_DEVICE]
[–spi-bus-speed SPI_BUS_SPEED]
[–spi-cs-high SPI_CS_HIGH]
[–spi-transfer-size SPI_TRANSFER_SIZE]
[–ftdi-device FTDI_DEVICE] [–gpio GPIO]
[–gpio-mode GPIO_MODE]
[–gpio-data-command GPIO_DATA_COMMAND]
[–gpio-reset GPIO_RESET]
[–gpio-backlight GPIO_BACKLIGHT]
[–block-orientation ORIENTATION] [–mode MODE]
[–framebuffer FRAMEBUFFER] [–bgr]
[–h-offset H_OFFSET] [–v-offset V_OFFSET]
[–backlight-active VALUE]
main_app_without_elk_ui: error: I2C device not found on address: 0x3C
Connection failed (Invalid argument)


We recently became aware ourselves, for that particular example only, there’s a bug that appears only under specific circumstances. We have it fixed and will push the fix ASAP.

In the meanwhile, all the other examples should work correctly!

Ilias of Elk.


We have now pushed a correction to the obxd-sequencer example, along with minor error message additions to the examples, do take a look, and let us know if you have any more questions or issues:

Thank you,
Ilias of Elk.