BLACKBOARD - the Elk Pi Breakout / Controller board

To make life a little bit easier for all of you…

Please meet the BLACK BOARD - the Elk Pi Breakout / Controller board.

Fits like a glove on top of your Elk Pi hat and gives you easy access to:

  • 4 fixed audio in
  • 4 fixed audio out
  • 2 fixed cv out
  • 2 inputs switchable between audio and cv
  • 2 outputs switchable between audio and cv
  • 4 gate out
  • 2 gate in
  • 4 faders with LEDs on top
  • 9 buttons with LEDs above each
  • 1 potentiometer
  • 1 encoder with push button
  • 128x64 monochrome OLED display

In production now → available at end of next month


This is great.

Would it be easy and/or possible to use the board with a different display? That’s a fairly small display.

This looks super helpful for prototyping sans spaghetti wires and breadboards - is there a waitlist or something or simply sign up when it becomes available next month?

Hi @Dauq,
there’s still the option to connect another display directly to the Pi, either MIPI or HDMI - but on the board itself there’s not much space left to put anything much bigger on it…

No waiting list. I’l post here once its available in the store!

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hey @Bjorn - hope you and the crew are staying healthy and safe. Any update on this? I assume it’s pushed back


Everything takes a bit longer now that everyone is working from home but we have the boards now so we’re just doing some final testing. I hope to be able to put it up for sale early next week.



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Great to hear! I can’t wait to buy one :slight_smile:

yes please, keep us updated :slight_smile:

Now in store…

Hi @Bjorn, @Stefano,

I’m going to place an order for one. Now I just need to get a fresnel lens so I can read the display with the device on the floor!

By any chance could you add a “bottom plate and standoffs for the Elk Pi” to my order? Happy to pay for it. I think the later kits included a the insulating bottom plate I have no enclosure so the plate seems like a good idea.

Not a big deal, but nice to have.


Just purchased one. Can’t wait. Do you know if you plan to add mounts for the blackboard so it could be mounted in a eurorack system?

Sure thing! I’ll put it in your order.

There has been talks about it, but no real plan right now. Its a great idea though.

where are the details of this? just ordered a blackboard, but i think i might want one of these things too, didn’t see it in the store

I’ll order soon hopefully!

btw, in the product description MIDI in/out is not mentioned, but in the picture I seem to see midi in/out via minijack. Is MIDI in/out there?


Its the bottom plate (with the artist) and spacers that attach to the Elk Pi. If you don’t have it let me know and I’ll make sure you get it.

Yes, absolutely there is. Good looking out!

Yes please I don’t have it

Please ignore my request as I have the green board, not the black one. :weary: