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I am continuing my work with my micro-DAW project and started another where I implemented the Odin2 into a plugin for Elk Audio OS. Both systems need some kind of interface and has been built as Android Apps with Unity. Currently connections is made with ethernet connection and if lucky the wifi starts correctly. However since the idea is to have the raspberry/hifberry headless which makes setup awkward and just checked the forum for anyone with bluetooth experience but could not find any relevant info. I just want to from the phone/tablet pair and establish a connection to send data. First hand for OSC but could also be used to setup the wifi on the raspberry. I know you could setup the raspberry as a network node and setup a webserver but that is not what I intend to do right now.

My approach is to use the only btferret lib I found and I have been able to setup a listening server on the raspberry and connect with a Unity plugin but if anyone have more experience to share I am all ears. I will meanwhile continue test and post updates on progress.

Hi @oakie123,
you would probably need to use a BLE library that can make the RPi shows up as a “gadget” device, i.e. controllable from a smartphone/PC.

I don’t know the btferret lib that you mentioned but we had success in the past using this one:


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Thank you Stefano,

Quite a few layers with GATT, D-BUS, BlueZ and so on to understand as I am new to these things. Need to do some reading and testing to find the simplest way to just make the RPi to accept a connection and do some communcation, I will take a look at this.


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