Buffered Audio Inputs/Outputs

Reading up on the voltage requirements for the ElkPi hat, especially the warnings on CV IO ranges, I was curious if there was anything that the hardware design team wanted to comment on in terms of IO buffers.

Does the hat design include ample buffering such that we could use simple voltage dividers/amps to change voltages when necessary, or should best practice include a buffer amp either at unity or gain?

Hi @AsyncResonance,
apologies for the slow response in this.

I’m reporting here the information about this (I’m not a HW guy):

Hope this helps.

Hi @Stefano -no worries. I’d perused that section of the documentation as well, but was curious if folks who’d done actual implementation had any observations.

I’m at the spreadsheet design portion of this exercise - I’m looking at both Serge and Eurorack-ish options for IO so voltage dividers and low-gain op-amp designs, and panel work it is. Thanks!