Building libarires compatible with Elk on RPI3 32 bit

Hi all, I have a library I’ve developed and using in plug-ins. I have a series of makefiles I’m using to build it for different architectures but I’m looking for some direction on building for use with the Elk RPI toolchain. I’m assuming it needs to be an ARM library armhf library - are there any examples anyone can point me to using GCC and makefiles for Elk?


Hi @drnfckdrn,
you need to use the cross-compiling toolchain for Elk Pi:

Bare Makefiles are very often not suitable for cross-compilation. It is possible to use them but with special care. Our suggestion would be to use some higher-level build tools like CMake, which work very well together with the Yocto toolchain.

For the specific use case of audio plugins, check the official documentation here and also the repositories on our Github main organization and the Elk community repositories.

Thanks @Stefano, I was able to sort it and will post a link to the github makefile and CMake I used to cross develop libraries for the elk toolchain when I get a bit of downtime.