Building on the board question

Hi this may be a relatively noob question but its an important one. My workflow consists of remotely logging into the board. I have created a folder titled dev in the home directory. I was cloning different plugin examples into this folder and planning on building them on the board itself. Is this the recommended way to get plugin examples onto the board? Or should they be built on the host PC and then moved over? Is there some documentation that documents the best practices for this process?

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I found this page to be very helpful:

However I still am unclear about whether we can use make to build the files on the board itself.

Hi @shossa3. Though you can build on the board it would be pretty slow compared to a decent laptop or desktop. The preferred way of building plugins for Elk is to cross compile on a PC using the SDK. There should be instructions on what steps to take to cross compile the open source plugins we have already ported in all of the repositories here. We also have instructions in our documentation on how to cross compile different kind of plugins for the boards.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: