Calf Studio Gear plugin collection built for Elk

The extensive Calf Studio Gear plugin collection is ported for Elk!

What works currently, are the effect plugins. The instrument plugins in this collection, i.e. the Organ, Monosynth and Fluidsynth, are not yet fully ported and will not run on Elk.

The repository of the Calf setup for building for Elk is available here:

Binaries built for Elk Pi 32 bit - built as LV2 plugins.

Unpack this archive to your /usr/local/lib/lv2 folder.

Then, to use these plugins, you need to also use the lv2vst wrapper, available here for ElkPi.

Post here to discuss this collection on Elk!

Finally here are the binaries for the calf plugins for the Elk Pi to. Since native lv2 is still not implemented this needs to be used with the lv2vst. If you want to build it yourself the best way for me was to build it on the board. There are some issues with cross compilation due to the way the autoconf is setup.