Cannot run cross-compiled plugin

I’m trying to get an open source plugin I found and cross-compiled to run on the Elk pi 4 with no success. This is the error I’m getting: [vst3] Failed to load VST3 Module: The shared library does not export the required 'GetPluginFactory' function. Any ideas?

Plugin format is vst3, compiled for headless with JUCE 6. Directory containing the .so file is aarch64-linux so I’m under the impression it’s built for the correct architecture.


Hi tylerdurden and welcome to the forums. It looks like there’s something wrong with your plugin build, though it sounds as if you’ve done everything right from your description.
The error itself is pretty self explantory, it’s because the plugin library doesn’t have the exported endpoints for creating the plugin.
If you do either “readelf -a []” or “nm -gD []” on the Pi to see the exported symbols. Can you see the exported functions “GetPluginFactory” and “ModuleEntry”?

Hi there Gustav. I was able to try both of the commands, and neither showed GetPluginFactory or ModuleEntry as exported symbols. This must suggest it hasn’t been compiled properly to provide the entry point to the plugin?