CCRMA Workshop 2020

Looking for the easiest way to recompile the faust code from the CCRMA workshop project. The pre-compiled plugins in the project don’t seem to be compatible anymore with the newest Elk PS/Blackboard.

Hi @mneuhaus,
welcome here!

You can compile them using this CMake project:

but most of those files, plus many more, are actually prebuilt for built Pi3 & Pi4 in the elk plugin collection pack:

Great, thanks @Stefano for the links.

Quick follow up question … what is the easiest way to get Faust on to the Raspberry Pi under Elk OS?

HI @mneuhaus,
the recommended way would be to not get Faust on the Pi itself but installed on your host build machine together with the cross-compiling SDK.

It should be possible to build FAUST on the Pi, however, if you really want to go that route, though we have never tried it ourselves.