Clap Plugin Format

I’m into audio development in Rust. Do you have any plans to support the clap plugin format?

Hi tommikvnze and welcome to the forums. We don’t have any plans to implement clap support in the near future.

But I believe there are good wrappers for Vst, both 2 and 3, so you should be able to get a clap based plugin running in sushi without much hassle.

That would be a great addition, I fully agree.

I am also planning to try to write a plugin in rust, expose it as VST and run it in sushi.

My plan was to use GitHub - robbert-vdh/nih-plug: Rust VST3 and CLAP plugin framework and plugins - because everything is better when you do it yourself

However, I did not yet do a PoC. If you try something, I would be interested in your results. I would also share my findings here, as soon as I have something to share.

Thanks for the response. I want to use nih-plug, so let’s see how it goes.