Controlling plugins bypass through MIDI

Hello all.

Does anybody know if plugins state (bypassed or running) is controllable by MIDI messages?

I can control parameters, but I’d like to turn on/off plugins while playing.

Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Hi Sedaxel. It’s unfortunately not possible to control the bypass state directly over midi with Sushi at this point.

It’s is possible to control the bypass state of processors over OSC and gRPC though. A possible workaround, if you have a controller that only sends midi, could prehaps be to have a small daemon tool that listens to midi and then relays the request to Sushi over OSC or gRPC.

Hey Gustav, thank you for your reply!

I wish I knew how to do that daemon. Somehow I managed to configure everything, to discover plugins parameters, to define their midi mappings and to make sushi startup automatically. I’ve also managed to use an OSC app in Android to control parameters from the cellphone.

Some brief hints I could study to program that daemon? Maybe using some of the examples as a template? Some kind of generic tutorial from which I could learn?

Thank you again. Cheers!