Crucial factors for projects

Hello again

After a longer break I thought I should revisit some projects but this time I need to find a dev environment that suits me. I will use VS to test build apps on Windows and subversion to handle repository for simple update and build directly on Rpi4 with some adaptions. Last time cross compling on a Linux was unnecessary complicated and time consuming. Also needed to create number of extra apps running along sushi for communcation for OSC, serial interface, curl and so on and this time all can be built in one binary.

So currently the 3 most important issues.

  1. Sound quality, this is fine using and HifiBerry DAC+ADC
  2. Boot time, if building a product people would like to have it up and running in seconds
  3. Latency, output only like a synth with midi input could be ok with a couple of ms but a guitar effect need to be “Elk OS” specs.

So regarding 2, if using Elk OS could boot time be optimized somehow?
Will an A2 class card be faster than A1?
Is a 5 instead of Rpi4 worth changing to?

And about 3, to build directly my current solution is to use jack on a regular OS which is faster ALSA / asound. But if using Elk OS I understand raspa is the way to go. Is this possible to build directly without crosscompiling, if not is it / will it be avaiable as a lib in the OS. raspaloop is running perfect and would be the starting point.

Best regards