CV in/out expansion


I was looking for RTOS on raspberry for some time and now this! I dream of some sort of a live performance sequencer/controller/FxProecessor/sampler DAW like device with nice and intuitive GUI and hardware controlls.

For now biggest limitiations of the HAT for me are the cv capable in/outs. What would be the best solution to expand this? I2C?

As I am a novice programmer can I use existing libraries for UART communication with, for example, ?

I’m very interested by the developement of this great project!


Hi Ganjouille and welcome to the forum.

I understand your question but unfortunately expanding the number of CV is not really an easy task.

The converters used for the CV I/O are the same as for the audio. This is to guarantee perfect sync between audio and cv updates and very low latency and jitter. So to expand the number of cv inputs and outputs, you would need to change the converters and also update drivers accordingly.

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