Distorted/noisy audio


Sometimes after running sushi and loading a plugin which causes some problems (segmentation faults or other things), when I run it again the audio output sounds distorted or simply outputs some sort of whitish noise. When this happens, a full power on/off cycle is needed to fix it, a simple reboot won’t do. I imagine this is because “something” stays in the ELK board, the ADCs and DACs maybe need some sort of reset. Is there a way to “clean” the hardware without powering it off? Maybe re-initializing audio drivers or something?



Hey Frederick,

The driver continuously runs in the background regardless of sushi. Unfortunately, if sushi crashes, it does not cleanly deregister with the driver and so it’s left in a dirty state. As of now the best way is to do a complete power cycle to reset it properly. However, we are working towards fixing these cases and it might come soon with a newer software version.


ok, thanks for your answer :slight_smile: