Docker Image / Samba


We have got iPlug2 building VST3 plugins on Linux so I have started playing with the Elk board again :slight_smile:

It’s great to see the instructions for the docker image

  • Any reason it would not possible to publish a docker image on docker hub with the cross compiling toolchain all set up?

  • Also do you know if it is essential to do the samba stuff? Docker images i have used often map the the folder where you execute to the image



Hi @olilarkin,

That’s wonderful to hear! Many people are looking for higher-level and cross-platform frameworks that are able to spit out VST3 for Linux.

None at all, other than we are not very expert with Docker, at least in our core team :frowning:

If anyone would like to contribute that, we would be super happy!

Pretty much the same reason for the question above. As I wrote in the doc, those instructions are adapted almost verbatim from the CROPS eSDK docs, so if you want, please try out if direct mapping works and let us know :wink:


I did try to mount a volume instead of using the samba option in macOS. I remember having problems although I’m not sure what happened. It should work theoretically. To somehow automate the building process, what I ended up doing is some simple scripts for samba mounting in macOS, and modified the CROPS eSDK init python script to automatically compile source files.

in the ELK workshop at ADC however they had a build server to which you could drop source files via HTTP and would return a compiled binary. I think something like that could be implemented using Docker and that would be really awesome.

@frederic To use a docker mount instead of samba under OSX, I think you need to create and mount a Case Sensitive OSX volume into docker.

The build chain has name conflicts when running in the default case insensitive (osx) volumes. I don’t think Elk owns these dependencies to make this go away.

See: Dependency for ProJucer

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@Stefano Can we add this to a or FAQ?

In this millenium, it’s common to want to use docker and avoid samba. :wink:

FYI, the link above has helpful info and sample commands for running with docker. Suspect it’s a 30 minute to half day task for someone at Elk to test this out. And use of docker containers is a great way to setup automated builds and tests.

Thanks for the tip @Dauq, I’ll try the case sensitive thing at some point.

we’ll prepare some update in the README of the SDK repo if this helps.

Let us give a shot first, we don’t have many macOS machines around so it might not be immediate.


(Posting here due to the title Docker Image / Samba)

This may be basic. I couldn’t pass files to the docker image. Neither source files nor the cross-compiling installation script.

I went opened a Docker Quickstart Terminal window. I followed all instructions for MacOs. When I connect in finder via Samba, the guest credentials to not work.

It either shakes as a negative or there is a dialog that states the user/pass is wrong. Does anyone know why?

A workaround to this is the docker command as shown here:

docker cp samba:/workdir/code/

I hope this is helpful. Thanks.

Use a docker mount of a case sensitive osx file system. See post above.

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