Does Sushi handle presets for VSTs?

According to the Steinberg web site, managing presets for VSTs is theoretically the responsibility of the Host DAW. However I can find no discussion of this in the Sushi documentation. Is it supported?

Hi Larry, Sushi has rudimentary support for loading presets, but that is as far as it goes at the moment. There is no provision for saving presets from a running instance of Sushi yet.

For VST 2.4 plugins you can load those presets (programs) that are exported by the plugin, if any. Usually that means those that are build in to the plugin.

For VST 3 plugins, Sushi also scans the default locations (se under Linux) for *.vstpreset files and enumerates those.

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Thanks for the response Gustav. I don’t know what other people think but that would be pretty high on my list of desired features for the future. I no sooner get something cool set up than I want to save it somewhere.


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This is also important for me!

We’re working on it and the next release of Sushi will have preset/state saving and loading in some form. It’s too early to say exactly how feature complete/comprehensive it will be though.

Thanks for the update, this is a very interesting!!