Elk Audio OS 0.11.0

Hello everyone,
we haven’t published an official release in a while, but don’t worry: we’re keeping up the work on Elk, which we are using for our upcoming Elk LIVE bridge and for some projects with our customers.

We tried to package everything and we hope that the new update is worth the wait.

You can download the image & SDK from the usual Github release page:

Most of the changes are contained in SUSHI 0.12.0, which now has send/return plugins that allow for flexible audio routing configurations, several new internal plugins (stereo mixer, limiter, delay), and many fixes and performance optimizations.

For the rest, the system is updated to the latest stable Yocto release, with Kernel 5.4.x and GCC 10.2. We also updated the relevant helper libraries (TWINE, RASPA, elkpy, elkcpp) and the full Yocto layers for hardknott are published on Github.

You can find more details on what has changed on the repositories’ release pages.

Let us know your feedback and happy hacking!



Sorry to bump up another thread for something that isn’t really a bug, but it might save some other noob linux users a headache…

Specifying the LV2_PATH environment variable was not present by default in the sushi.service file, preventing sushi from loading lv2 plugins when run on startup via the provided systemd service (systemd acts as the root user, which does’t share environment variables with mind user, if I’m right)


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