Elk Audio OS 0.6.1 beta released

Hi everyone,
we just released a minor update to 0.6.1.

You can find everything including link to instructions on Github:

From this time, we are including two image versions of the rootfile system, one development image configured as the previous releases, and a basic development image, stripped down in size for those that prefer less tools and more space available (and faster update times).

If you already have a SD card flashed with 0.6.0, you do not need to reflash from scratch. You can simply run the incremental update over the network or USB drive following the instructions here. In this scenario, the /udata partition will be kept intact with everything you had saved there, and it is possible to rollback to the previous version by changing the rootfs index using the elk_system_utils script.

Let us know if you have any issue and happy hacking in 2020!

The Elk development team

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