Elk Audio OS source code

For those of you who have been following our Github page, you might have noticed that in the past weeks we have been slowly but steadily adding several repositories.

Now all the pieces are there which allows you to fully customize Elk Audio OS images to your needs. The starting point would be the elkpi-yocto-layers repository which contains the repo tool manifest to automatically fetch all the other repositories and configure the Yocto build system.

Yocto has a somewhat steep learning curve but we prepared instructions to get you started on the first build. Be prepared that you will need a reasonably powerful machine (RAM, core count and a fast SSD will help a lot) in order to keep build times reasonable, otherwise expect to wait several hours for the first build. Hard drive space required is around 50 Gbytes, depending on image features.

It is possible to run this in Docker or VMs, or rent some cloud services (e.g. Amazon EC2 instances) if you don’t have a powerful Linux machine available.

Write us here for any help or request, we will be happy to guide you through the process.

The Elk development team