Elk Blackboard, Pi Hat, Pi 4 for sale

Here I have the Pi Hat, Blackboard, and a Pi4 all assembled and working and configured with Elk Audio OS. It may not be the most recent update but it does work. I have tried it with the Oberheim Sequencer and Synth demo apps (using a USB keyboard with the synth).

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First one sold. Here’s another one.

Curious to know why you are selling those?

I thought I wanted to develop plugins so I could make my own fancy effects processor to use with my guitar amp. I got another one because I also have Eurorack stuff.

But in reality it’s actually very difficult to do just for a “fun” hobby. I decided to focus on just playing and recording music. Every now and then I want to work on something technical, so I just make plugins for my DAW using Faust.

Thanks for the explanation. I totally understand.

Sold, thanks. Additional characters required to meet the minimum of 20 have been added.