Elk development HAT availability?


I’ve been developing a pedal using a Beaglbone Black with a Bela cape as a platform.
Unfortunately I’ve hit the limit of available processing power on the Beaglbone, despite spending many days optimising. Frustrating as I was so close!

The only viable alternative I can find is the Elk Pi HAT but it’s been out of stock for some time now. Is it still an ongoing project? Will more HATs be manufactured and is there an expected timescale of when this might happen?

Alternatively, does anyone have a surplus Elk HAT they’d be happy to sell?

HI @resynth,
unfortunately due to the component crisis and us being busy in releasing another HW product at the moment, it’s very, very difficult to produce more Elk Pi units.

Will the HiFiBerry be a solution for your case?

Thanks for your reply Stefano., shame about the component crisis. The HiFiBerry won’t work for my application as I require 4 audio inputs as well as some analog and digital gpio.

What is an “HW product”? Will that be something similar to the Elk Pi?

HW stands for HardWare. Maybe some powerfull brain to harness the elkOS power?

I am attempting to open the elk pi hardware project on altium. I will send it to some PCB manufacture for making me one! Minimum order I have found is 5 so I will end up with some spare if I eventually get there!


@Ganjouille that will be fantastic if you are able to print it!

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