ELK Live bridge like hardware?

Congrats on the v1.0.0 release. I would really like something like the ELK Live bridge hardware that I could reprogram, since I wouldn’t actually need the ELK live connectively but would absolutely love to have a small super low latency box that i could put VSTs on to run in sushi. Use case: I want to hack low latency audio FX but do not want to do any soldering or custom Audio I/O development.

might there be more ELK Live Bridge devices available to buy soon and could they be hacked like i describe?



Thanks @olilarkin !

If you only need audio FX, could the Raspberry Pi 4 + one of the supported hats be good for you?

Hi Stefano, I’m aware of the various hifiberry options. What I would love a small solid box with a compute module + mic input (xlr or jack) + headphone output. It seems like this is something I’d either have to build myself or commission.

Maybe it’s something you could ask the Hifiberry guys, I know they’re open to simple custom mods on their PCBs. Still, it’ll only make sense if you plan to do a decent n. of units.

In that case, there won’t be any changes to the driver on Elk, apart from maybe a couple of things like tweaking the codec control if needed.

Will the Bridge be available again soon?