Elk OS on RPi4 + HiFiBerry Hat SUSHI Core Usage

Hi all,

I’m wondering if there are any specific tasks pinned to CPU cores. My plugin has a helper application that needs to use a single core…


Hi @beeb,
sorry I completely missed this one :frowning:

Is this a helper application running in a non-RT context or in a RT context?

If it’s a normal Linux non-RT context, you can take a look at how to set thread affinity for your thread from this snippet of code used in RASPA / SUSHI:

cpu_set_t cpuset;
        CPU_SET(0, &cpuset);
        auto res = pthread_attr_setaffinity_np(&task_attributes,
                                               sizeof(cpu_set_t), &cpuset);

You can change 0 to your desired core or even call CPU_SET multiple times to set a mask on some cores.