[Elk Pi] Faust to VST - OSC troubles

Hello guys,

I’m getting familiar with the Elk Pi Hat and Elk OS. To do so, I’m experiencing the use of OSC to control VST plug-in parameters.

It works pretty well with MDA VST2 plug-ins that are included in Elk OS. Nonetheless, when I try controlling VST2 plug-in compiled from Faust, the OSC messages are received but no change is apparently made.

There are two options:

  1. My VST2 plug-ins compiled from Faust code have a bug (I tried with simple example code provided by Faust)
  2. There is a problem during compilation ?

-I use oscdump to check the OSC messages and they are right.
-I use --dump-plugins to check that Sushi correctly identifies the controls of the plug-ins, and sometimes there are missing parameters but even for the ones that are correctly seen by Sushi, it seems the plug-in does not react.

Thank you by advance for your help :slight_smile: