Failed to load tracks from Json config file (neuralpi)

Hello everyone,

I recently started exploring Elk Audio OS, with the intention of trying to implement the Guitar ML project NeuralPi ( on my own. However, I’ve encountered a minor issue while running Sushi, which is preventing me from making progress.
I would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance in resolving this problem. Thank you in advance for your help.

I’m trying my best to go through each step and identify any potential oversights on my own. Please let me know if you notice any missing pieces or if there’s anything else I should be aware of. Once again, thank you for your assistance.

Hi Chiang and welcome to the forums, could you please post the json config you’re using to start sushi?
The important log line is this “Schema validation failure at /tracks/0” So something is likely wrong in the first track in the config file.

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Thanks for posting. Are you using the latest version of sushi? You can check by running “sushi -v”

The channel configuration was changed in version 1.0, see link below. Maybe GuitarML hasn’t been updated. If that is the case you need to replace the “mode” : “stereo” member with “channels” : 2 in the config file"mode"%20member%20has%20been%20replaced%20with%20an%20integer%20"channels"%20member.%20To%20create%20a%20multibus%20track%2C%20an%20additional%20member%20"multibus"%20must%20be%20set%20to%20true%20and%20the%20number%20of%20buses%20specified%20with%20the%20"buses"%20member.

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Thank you for your assistance. I have resolved the issue. Once again, I appreciate your help!!

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