Get started with the Elk Software Development Kit!

We have now made the ELK Development Kit available to access!

Here is what you need to get started:

Elk Development Kit Documentation
We recommend that you start your journey there, reading the first three sections, before continuing.

Elk Audio OS SD card image for Raspberry Pi
Download and flash this to run Elk on your RPi + Elk Pi hat.

Examples repository
This is a collection of plugins, configuration files and scripts for running and controlling plugins on Elk.

Sushi Linux AppImage
Our headless DAW Sushi is distributed as an AppImage (in the elk-examples downloads section ) which should run on any modern version of Linux with JACK 2 v1.12 or newer installed. For those that don’t have Linux setups, we recommend to setup a Virtual Machine using for example these Ubuntu Studio images that are already configured with JACK.

Cross-compiling SDK for Elk Pi
Follow the instructions on this repository to build plugins for the Elk Pi board w/ Raspberry Pi 3.

Everything we share with you has been tested by us, but if you find errors or anything is unclear, let us know in the forum and we will address the issues raised right away!

We look forward to answering your questions, and seeing what amazing instruments we end up creating!