HifiBerry drivers?

trying to run HifiBerry DAC Pro2 with sushi I did not get any
sound output till now. So I tried to run a simple audio application
I found: aplay.

The statement
aplay - l
aplay: device_list:274: no soundcards found…

and dmesg says:
[ 13.155170] audio_rtdm: hifi-berry hat
[ 13.168299] pcm5122_config_codec: mode = 0
[ 13.183390] pcm5122-elk: codec configured
[ 13.192381] Elk hat: hifi-berry
[ 13.205166] audio_rtdm: driver initialized

Is there any additional driver installation necessary for hifiberry to
run it with sushi?
Or otherwise: is it possible, that aplay plays an audio file with the hifiberry card?
This would have the goal to test, if the base system without sushi works.

Hi @RJazz,
aplay is an ALSA application and therefore it won’t run with our audio driver.

What configuration file were you using with Sushi to get audio output? It looks like the driver was initialized correctly.

I see now that in other posts you’re mentioning bypass / FXs plugins.

The DAC Pro is output only, so you can only use some synthesizers or similar if you want to hear any sound.

Hello Stefano,
thank you for doing my homework :slight_smile:
I could not imagine, that the phone jack 3.5mm is input in
one Hifiberry, and output in another, so I did not take a look
into the data sheet. Sorry for that!
Now I am waiting for a HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC and it seems,
this could become a breakthrough in this topic …

The DAC+ ADC arrived, I changed the hat with
sudo elk_system_utils --set-audio-hat hifiberry-dac-plus-adc
and immediately there was sound output. Great!
Thank you!