Hifiberry not detected with cat /proc/asound/cards

I’m running elk .11 on a pi 4 with a hifiberry dac + adc and the command cat /proc/asound/cards
— no soundcards —
aconnect -l , arecord -l command doesn’t see anything either.
When I connected a midi keyboard and followed the instructions on the youtube video, I got no sound, halted system, checked to make sure the hat was properly seated, and rebooted pi into a debian install which uses the hifiberry. On that system the command cat /proc/asound/cards returns:
0 [sndrpihifiberry]: HifiberryDacpAd - snd_rpi_hifiberry_dacplusadc
I did set the elk_system_utils audio to the hifiberry dacplusaudio hat as instructed and rebooted but still nothing. /usr/bin/sushi does not return anything about the hifiberry either.
I must be doing something wrong since the debian install is able to use the card and I’m pretty sure it’s a hifiberry dac + adc and not the pro version. When I tried adding it as a pro it didn’t work either. It has the rca outs and 1/8" input. Again it works fine as a dacpluadc in debian.
Any ideas?

The card I am using is actually just a hifiberry dac + (not hifiberry dac + adc ). Elk Audio OS only supports dac +adc and dac +adc pro. I bought the card awhile back and mistakenly thought it had the adc. Guess I’ll have to order another.
Lesson learned