How to find a size of a plugin?

Hello. Does anybody know how to detect plugin actual size that i’ve instaled ?

It depends on what system you are using.
If you brought the file over from Mac/Windows, you should be able to find the file in the computers file explorer and pull up its properties

This is with the assumption that you have compiled to the .so file
If you are only using linux for the project you can use the wc -c [path/to/your/file]
Which will give you the file size in bytes.

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I mean dimensional size like width and height


That depends entirely on the plugin format, as some are fixed size, others are resizable. I would recommend referring to the documentation for the plugin format you are using directly, be it VST2, 3 or LV2.

But just to also make sure this is clear: as far as Sushi, and Elk OS are concerned, plugins have no size, as they always run “headless”, i.e. with no GUI at all.


Ilias of Elk.

Thank you. I find out the way to check it. Just making full screen snapshot ( 1920x1080 ) and made shape over the plugin in photoshop, so the shape size is an actual plugin size. Could you also dirrect me where i can find independent plugin developers for affortable price ?