If Sushi's a "DAW", can it record audio?

I haven’t read anything that suggests this is directly possible. I’m thinking about looper applications. I have used SooperLooper on occasion. Even compiled it on a “regular” Pi 3 with USB audio, though obviously that didn’t work too well.



Hi Larry and welcome to the forums. The main use case for Sushi is as a live-oriented plugin host that routes audio and control data, rather than a full fledged recording studio. As such it doesn’t really have any recording features. It has a rudimentary timeline and tempo that plugins can synchronise with but not much more than that.That said, there is nothing stopping a plugin from implementing its own recording.

Unfortunately Sooperlooper is only standalone under Jack if i’m not mistaken. If it would compile as a plugin then you would be able to run it in Sushi.

edit: Someone already started porting Sooperlooper to a plugin, only took a quick look so don’t know anything about the maturity of the project, but might be worth a shot for you? https://github.com/moddevices/sooperlooper-lv2-plugin

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Thanks for the link! At the moment thoughts of a looper on the Elk are mostly a passing fancy. I have an Eleven Rack guitar preamp and its basic sounds are fine for what I want to do, but its modulation type effects are very limited. So that’s my initial area of interest. After messing with various loopers I just decided that using Ableton Live was mostly what I needed as my goal is building up compositions more than tripping out in loop-land.

I’ll keep an eye on that. I was also interested in the MOD Dwarf but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t support OSC. That’s a big drawback, so here I am! I actually had been following the Elk project for a number of months but now with the UI board it seems relatively perfect for what I’m doing. I also have a Eurorack setup and that’s intriguing as well.



From looking through the code, it seems to me that someone could write an application that records the audio streams coming out of Sushi, right?


Currently Sushi has been designed with the main intent of being a “live DAW”, rather than one you record into, edit the recording and play back from. So, think Apple Mainstage, rather than Logic Pro.

With that said, it is also worth mentioning that our next release of Sushi will come with audio-recording functionality built-in.

Ilias of Elk.

Thanks for the info @Ilias! Interested to see how recording is implemented in the next release.