If Sushi's a "DAW", can it record audio?

I haven’t read anything that suggests this is directly possible. I’m thinking about looper applications. I have used SooperLooper on occasion. Even compiled it on a “regular” Pi 3 with USB audio, though obviously that didn’t work too well.



Hi Larry and welcome to the forums. The main use case for Sushi is as a live-oriented plugin host that routes audio and control data, rather than a full fledged recording studio. As such it doesn’t really have any recording features. It has a rudimentary timeline and tempo that plugins can synchronise with but not much more than that.That said, there is nothing stopping a plugin from implementing its own recording.

Unfortunately Sooperlooper is only standalone under Jack if i’m not mistaken. If it would compile as a plugin then you would be able to run it in Sushi.

edit: Someone already started porting Sooperlooper to a plugin, only took a quick look so don’t know anything about the maturity of the project, but might be worth a shot for you? https://github.com/moddevices/sooperlooper-lv2-plugin

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Thanks for the link! At the moment thoughts of a looper on the Elk are mostly a passing fancy. I have an Eleven Rack guitar preamp and its basic sounds are fine for what I want to do, but its modulation type effects are very limited. So that’s my initial area of interest. After messing with various loopers I just decided that using Ableton Live was mostly what I needed as my goal is building up compositions more than tripping out in loop-land.

I’ll keep an eye on that. I was also interested in the MOD Dwarf but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t support OSC. That’s a big drawback, so here I am! I actually had been following the Elk project for a number of months but now with the UI board it seems relatively perfect for what I’m doing. I also have a Eurorack setup and that’s intriguing as well.