Is raw udp audio like jacktrip available and NATS

Full disclosure, I have not bought hifiberry or equiv yet and am looking around for a hardware solution for less technically clients … some like to call them musicians and producers :wink: I am currently using NATS messaging after years of OSC use. I see there is an OSC stack but has anyone looked at NATS? I think stephano hinted at some network something in the works, but I don’t see how things could improve on the raw UDP dump of jacktrip for telematic low latency audio, but Jack is a pain to get set up on both ends without sopisticated users on both ends … so this is where NATS messaging comes in for remote hardware messaging and tunneling etc. … okay, any thoughts ?

Scot Gresham-Lancaster

Hi @scotgl,

for “UDP audio like jacktrip”: as we have hinted several times, we’re working on something, it’s in internal testing phase now and we’ll make an announcement soon.

For NATS, no, we haven’t done anything specifically but if there are client libraries for Linux it should be possible to build and use them with Elk. I’ve just looked if there are Yocto / OpenEmbedded recipes ready for NATS client libraries - a quick search didn’t turn out any results.

But I’d suggest to try to build them using our cross-compiling SDK and write here if you have issues doing so.