JuicySFplugin (Soundfont player) built for Elk

The JuicySFplugin is now running on Elk. It is a relatively simple JUCE wrapper against the popular Fluidsynth library for playing Soundfont files.

The Fluidsynth library is included in the Elk images, at the time of writing we used the latest 2.0.7 stable version which has full support for modulators.

You can find a fork of the original repository here, with minimal fixes for Elk. A binary for the Raspberry Pi3 - 64 bit Elk image is included in the Downloads section of the repo.

Since the original plugin relies on the GUI to load a specific soundfont, we added the possibility to pass a path with an environment variable instead.

So for example, in the same shell used for run SUSHI you will first have to type:

$ export JUICY_SOUNDFONT_PATH=/udata/soundfont/FluidR3_GM.sf2

obviously replacing the file with the soundfont that you want to load at startup.

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