Latest version of TWINE incl. RtConditionVariables available for ELK?

I’ve used TWINE on desktop & ELK successfully, until i started to use RtConditionVariables. No issues on desktop, but build for ELK fails. On the Elk Audio OS SDK v.0.9.0 there seems to be an older version of Twine installed, without RtConditionVariables. The compiler doesn’t know them when using ELK toolchain.

  • I’ve tried to re-compile the git master version of TWINE for ELK, but wasn’t successful. I’ve tried that by running the environment-setup-aarch64-elk-linux script befor cmake command in order to set the correct compiler, but CMAKE failed.
  • I have also run the TWINE Cmake project directly on ELK. Although functionality-unittest failed I was able to create a binary, exchange it with the standard one and compile the plugin, but sushi exited with an error (some twine-RtCondition-variables symbol unknown…).

Are the latest binaries available somewhere? Or how do i re-compile the master version for ELK (i’m not a cmake-guru)?
thx in advance for the help!

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Hi Tschem and sorry for the late answer, we’ve been busy with a lot of other things here. But basically, the RtConditionsVariable in twine is not included in the twine version included in Elk 0.9.0. It is possible to build an updated twine using the SDK, or on the board as you’ve done (did you try make install btw?).
Though the RtConditionVariable requires enabling some kernel features for the xenomai part of it to work correctly, so even if you build it it will most probably not work.

Unfortunately we don’t have a date for when the next ELK/SDK release in coming, but that will contain an updated version of twine.

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Hello Gustav,
that’s exactly what i see here, after running make install and starting sushi, it terminates with:
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::runtime_error’
what(): xddp support not enabled in kernel

Guess i have to wait for the next release then. Thx for your answer!
BR, T.