List of expected info messages in /tmp/sushi.log?


When I load my [vst2x] type plugin into Sushi on the RPi with ElkOS, it writes a list of [info] messages to /tmp/sushi.log.

For each of the automation parameters, I can see 2 messages in the log file:
[info] [osc frontend] Added osc callback /parameter/MyPlugin/name
[info] [osc frontend] Added osc output /parameter/MyPlugin/name

Then I see another one:
[info] [osc frontend] Added callback /program/MyPlugin

and then finally:
[info] [osc frontend] Added osc cal

And it stops there.

Is there any documentation on what is supposed to be logged here? It might help in my debugging.

On the Linux VM, these lines follow the automation parameters:
[info] [osc frontend] Added osc callback /parameter/main/gain
[info] [osc frontend] Added osc output from parameter main/gain
[info] [osc frontend] Added osc callback /parameter/main/pan
[info] [osc frontend] Added osc output from parameter main/pan
[info] [osc frontend] Added osc callback /keyboard_event/main

Should these same lines be shown in the ElkOS log file?


 - Rick Cohen

Hi Rick,
there’s no extensive documentation on precisely all the logs - other than grepping the source code for the SUSHI_LOG_ macros used around.

The reason you don’t see all the logs on the board is because by default under Xenomai, flushing is very limited. We have added a CL flag --log-flush-interval=<seconds> to force flushing at a time interval of your choice, with that one you should be able to see all the logs on the board, too.

Flushing the log showed the remaining log entries. Thanks for the tip.

Turning on the ‘debug’ log level shows a lot of HostCallback entries.

   - Rick Cohen

Hi @rcohen,
the hostCallback entries are generated by the plugin itself.

For JUCE plugins, for examples, they are pretty common as JUCE does one every callback to ask for timing information etc.

In your case, if you really want to get rid of them, the options would be either to disable them in the plugin itself or to rebuild SUSHI with that SUSHI_LOG_DEBUG macro turned off.

Thanks @Stefano!

I wasn’t really complaining about the hostCallback entries, just letting you know that I had made progress. :grinning:

  • Rick Cohen