Loudness meter - Freelance developper wanted

I’m looking for freelancers to implement metering in a sound processor based on Elk Audio OS.
Not 100% sure if to use a small screen or LEDs. I need loudness metering for input and output. True peak, integrated, short term and momentary.
A nice starting point would be

This is a paid job.

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Wow Andrew’s expertise scope is really large.
Moderators can you clean this thread please ?

@L-Pipe , indeed :slight_smile:

Thanks @Alessio for the extra proof, I hope you don’t mind if I had deleted your posts here as well.

Anyway, if there is any real “Elk Audio OS freelancer” available, we’re trying to organize a network of consultants for people like the OP here. There will probably be a more formal announcement on the forum here once we figure out a few things.


Sure, thanks for your assitance.

It’s a good idea to have such a network. I’ll let you know if I find someone.
I’d like to add that this is not a job with a precise schedule and deadlines, so anyone who’s got a dayjob can jump in and work when there’s time.