Lv2 plugin config files?

Are there any more examples of LV2 plugin configs available, or a guide on writing them - I cannot for the life of me get LV2 plugins to run on ELK (Hifiberry Pi) at the moment, I have looked at the synth and play examples but i cant seem to make the LV2 work.

I am asking for a guide / documentation for LV2 specifically - I think I may be to do with the uri / path but where do I find the uri ??

I am using the complied for elk plugins from git hub, i simply want to run them and check cup usage at idle ,under load etc.

I can do this for vst plugins but seem to be hitting a brick wall with lv2 for some reason?

any advice for a luddite . many thanks


LV2 is a very particular plugin format, there’s many things that are different between LV2 and other formats.

It’s worth trying LV2 plugins locally on your desktop machine, and loading them into a host, just to get used to how they’re found and addressed - then you can move to Sushi, and on the RPi.

Most importantly, they are not addressed by a path on the disk to the file as is the case with VST’s, but by a “uri”, as you’ll see in the two example configurations we have in the sushi/misc/config_files folder.

You will see the uri’s of plugins available on your system by typing lv2ls on the terminal, assuming the lv2 frameworks have been installed on your computer. It should be available on the RPi, what it does is look for plugins placed in the paths of the machine specified in the LV2_PATH environment variable, and list them.

If when typing lv2ls, the uri of the plugin you want to load is not listed, then Sushi will not be able to load it either.

A bit more on LV2:

We don’t have much more docs on LV2, besides the 2 examples I’ve already mentioned, and this specification of the Sushi json file format.

I hope this helps!

Ilias of Elk

Hi Ilias,

the lv2ls command was helpful - it seems i must be missing a step somewhere - i extracted the plugins from GitHub - elk-community/elk-plugins-pack: Meta repository with all the available community plugins built for Elk Audio OS into the udata/plugins/ folder as the instructions.

but Lv2ls only shows the core plugins included in Elk os, none from this pack -have i missed an instillation step somewhere in the middle -I’m simply trying to load and test these plugins, measure their cpu usage etc so i can compair the results of various plugins.

i understood tha these were already cross compiled for elk s im now confused.

many thanks


Indeed while those general instructions apply to the VST2/3 plugins, they do not apply to LV2 - that folder is not in the LV2_PATH environment variable, so lv2ls will not find them.
It’s worth clarifying this distinction for the LV2 plugins in the README of the elk-plugins repository, thank you for pointing that out!

Either precede the command to run sushi with a line expanding the LV_PATH variable to include a path in your user folder which includes your plugins, or place them in a path already present in LV2_PATH.

In the former case I’d recommend you create a folder dedicated to LV2 plugins, to keep them separate from VST’s.

In the latter case you’ll need to make sure you have enabled writing to the root partition as per our docs: Working with Elk Board — Elk DevKit documentation.

Ilias of Elk.

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