Max/msp in elk OS


I am curious about max/msp integration. You mention it under “works with”.
Can I run a max patch? Within sushi?


Hi @Ganjouille,
currently we just did some preliminary tests reusing parts of the C++ code generation in Max/MSP gen~.

We tried both the LV2 plugins generated for the MOD Duo and they all work straight away, for example the SHIRO plugins that we built here:

The cloud compiler requires a MOD Duo device but it is possible to get some plain C++ code that can somehow easily wrapped into a VST 2 plugin without a MOD Duo device.

In the future we can automate the wrapping code and hopefully prepare something that it is easier to use.

Please notice that this is only gen~, not any Max patch.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will stay tuned!