Network music performance

Hello all,

I would like to know how i can go about building a elk pi based network music performance system?

Is it a case of either building a bit of software myself to run within the OS, simply running Jacktrip or is there some sort of integrated Jacktrip type functionality?



As an aside, what are you going to use for the backhaul network? Latency on the public internet is intolerable, IMHO.

I’m using jamulus in these days at home to perform some reharsal with my (non professional) band on the public internet and the overall delay is in between 20 and 30 ms (not optimal, but tolerable). The server is on the AWS data center in Milan and we all live in the city with fiber connections and that certainly help. It would be very interesting to understand if AudioOS would help to reduce further the overall delay for such a system.

Hi guys,
I can’t say much yet… but we are working on a solution to connect musicians over the Internet with Elk and we will release the official news very soon :wink:


Sounds good :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to know the scope of the solution since I’m already working on something similar.

Let us know when it will be available. We can male some test :slight_smile:

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I should have probably posted my NATS “topic” here because I am mostly interested in end to end network music performance, however I am finding NATS ( a real OSC killer and way more flexible. For example, the Tesla subsystems all use NATS to message, you can work in go, C++, C#, javascript, python etc and pass messages with ease. I am mostly concerned about making a end to end hardware solution with stereo in and stereo out on both ends, that is relatively painless user experience.
It would be better if it was extensible to multi sites … Elk seems like a good space for this idea. Any thoughts?

I’ve answered in the other thread regarding NATS on Elk:

It might be worth mentioning though that OSC isn’t the only option available in Elk. We provide gRPC as a secondary, more powerful API for SUSHI (our audio host), and gRPC also has native support for pretty much any programming language that you can name. We even provide wrapper client libraries for C++ and Python:

I have been using OSC for years and recently implemented WebRTC on a project but was not aware of gRPC thanks for the pointer, I found this that will let me use my NATS stuff with the ELK gRPC handlers … I will be giving it a try soon. Thanks again

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@Stefano Do you have any update for us regarding to the " solution to connect musicians over the Internet with Elk" ? Thanks.

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