Network options


Currently, I am having a lot of wifi connection issues. Reasons for this could be that:
a) Frequent moving between wifi networks
b) Poor wifi reception

As a solution for this, I was thinking to setup an access point on the raspbery-pi for a direct wifi connection, but the required software seems not to be installed, and no package manager is available (I think).
Also connection via wired ethernet also does not work ( elk-pi.local is not found on my win10 machine)

A (temporary) solution for me would be to set up a static ipaddress for eth0. But this also doen’t seem to work (cmdline.txt or /etc/network/interfaces).

Is there an easy (temoprary) solution so I can have at least a reliable connection between reboots?

Suggestion: I think that access point (only to connect to the device) functionality would be a great feature in many of the use cases (for example on stage)

Hi @dj_subzero,

We are indeed including hostapd in the next release for this purpose. Elk is a Yocto-based distribution, so it’s possible to add “packages” but it’s not straightforward as in Debian-based distros…

The elk-pi.local address often doesn’t work with Windows due to zeroconf issues (usually it works on Linux and/or macOs, though). A possible workarounds is to set the IP address with the equivalent of arp -a for your system or by looking into your router’s configuration which address has been assigned.

To set up a static Ethernet address, you have to use connmanctl and not /etc/network/interfaces, just launch sudo connmanctl and then:

>config <connection> --ipv4 manual <ip address> <netmask> <gateway>

where is the name of your Eth0 connection as returned by connnman itself.

Ok, thanks I will try the connmanctl route