Pi4 + hifiberry + steel case. Is heat a problem?

Hi all. I´m new in this forum.

Planning to build a Pi4 with Hifiberry DAC+ADC PRO into Hifiberry Steel case. It will be for running the NeuralPi plugin… which is an excelent approach to guitar amplifiers deep learning profiling, from GuitarML.

In order to have lowest latency possible, I guess the Pi4 will need to work hard, and so I´m concerned about heat generation. I´ve read from Stefano in other thread that it´s a must to add some cooling system, since the Pi4 gets really hot.

Hifiberry offers a simple aluminium heat sink, and I wonder if anyone has tried this kind of build, for real time audio with minimal latency, and not for playing just 5 minutes, but a couple of hours rehearsals/gigs for instance. I would like to be sure before I order the components, since Hifiberry steel case is the obvious best choice for this hardware… if heat was not a problem.

If heat was a problem, there are some aluminium passive cooling cases available, but then some kind of risers, frame, etc… should be made to securely fix the Hifiberry hat. So it´s a little mess and if original steel case could be used, it´d be ideal.

Thank you all in advance! Cheers.