PiHat IO voltage levels

What’s the Voltage range for the CV and G/T IO’s?
Are the Audio IO’s DC coupled?

It’s all in the datasheet:


Thx somehow overlooked this File on Github.
But the Datasheet don’t give a full Answer to my second question.
I assume the Audio Ins aren’t DC coupled cause there is a HPF mentioned.
For the Audio Outs I’m still not sure.

I believe it has:
4 fixed ac coupled ins.
2 configurable ins (can be ac or dc coupled)
4 fixed ac coupled outs.
2 configurable outs (can be ac or dc coupled)
2 fixed (not configurable) dc coupled outs.

This pretty much takes up all the io on the pcm3168 6 in 8 out codec.

Check page 15 for dynamic range on the cv/dc coupled ins and outs.


Exactly, this is the configuration. The configuration is done with jumpers on the Elk Pi hat as described in the datasheet.

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