Plugin examples similar to Expert Sleepers

I was wondering if there were any plugin examples which were similar to Expert Sleepers Silent Ways? I wanted to develop a similar plugin which could provide flexible control voltage generation and serve as the heart of a euro rack system.

I haven’t used Silent Way myself so I don’t know exactly how it works, but if I understand it correctly, it outputs cv throught an audio interface, and you need a dc-coupled interface to get the most out of it?
I don’t know of any open source examples, but I would suggest taking a look at the control_to_cv and cv_to_control examples in the Sushi codebase.

While they are not vst plugins and very minimal examples, could be a good place to start.
To use cv within Sushi, cv inputs and outputs are mapped to parameters, and hence plugin formats don’t need to support cv natively. In that case the cv ins and outs are updated once per audio interrupt, so with 32 samples @48kHz cv:s would have an update rate of 1.5 kHz. If that is not enough then you could of course treat the cv channels as audio and have sample accurate processing. Though a bit more cumbersome.


Thanks for the info Gustav. Those examples were the kind that I was looking for.

Great! Keep asking if there are some more details you’re wondering about.

Actually I was wondering if you guys might consider sharing a project that consists of a complete example of a plugin built using the Blackboard? It would be very useful to see how to set up the Sensei controller mappings. I feel like its been straightforward compiling headless JUCE plugins so far and creating config files but it would be really useful to see example code showing how to map hardware controls to parameters.


Your question is very well timed, in fact we are putting the finishing touches on exactly such a set of examples, and will be publishing them very soon!

Ilias of Elk


Just a heads up - the examples I mentioned are now pushed to our GitHub examples repository.

We hope they are helpful - anything amiss, or if you have any questions, let us know on the forum!

Ilias of Elk.

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Thank you Ilias. I will start looking over the new examples. Patiently waiting on my Blackboard to arrive to the US :slight_smile:

Thank you @Gustav for providing the complete information

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