Question regarding aliasing/sample rate

I was trying out some of the Faust plugin examples and I noticed that there was a significant amount of audible aliasing using the guitar and karplus examples. I’ve also noticed this with a JUCE plugin I ported over to the board. I was just wondering what are the supported sample rates that can be set? Has anyone else experienced similar issues with the plugin examples? I tried changing the sample rate from 48kHz to 96kHz or 192kHz but I’m noticing these distortions.

As of now only 48khz sampling rate is supported in Elk OS. However this might change in future releases

I am also very keen on running sushi at a higher sample rate, surely it must mean changing a value somewhere in the OS config… please help :slight_smile: Nevertheless, great project, wel done.

In this scenario, it’s very common to insert an upsampling / downsampling stage in the plugin that requires higher SRs for the processing.

This should be relatively easy with FAUST.

We are working on supporting higher sampling rates in Elk Audio OS but we don’t have an ETA right now for a public release on Github.

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